FSA CBD novel food guidelines
  • February 26, 2020
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  • by cannabisdeals.co.uk

    Earlier this month the UK’s Food Standards Agency announced it’s first ever guidelines for UK CBD businesses. The Agency has issued also a deadline for UK CBD companies to comply with the Novel Food regulation.

    March 31st 2021 is the deadline set by the FSA and businesses that fail to apply and reach approval will see their products being removed from shelves.

    The Cannabidion (CBD) guidance states that the novel food status of CBD extracts was confirmed in January 2019 when the European Union changed the Novel Food Catalogue to include cannabis extracts and enforce companies to apply for marketing authorisation prior to placing its products onto market.

    The agency states that:

    The Novel Foods Catalogue (Opens in a new window) is a way of recording decisions made on the novel food status of foods and food supplements. The catalogue itself has not got legal status. The European Commission uses this tool to show the decisions made on novel food status and it is these decisions that have legal status. This makes it clear that CBD extract and isolate products are legally novel foods.

    There are currently no authorised CBD extracts or isolates on the market.

    Cannabisdeals.co.uk endorses this move from the FSA, to provide guidance and regulate the cannabis industry to deliver only the best cannabis products to consumers.

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