• November 9, 2019
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    The former undisputed world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is set to become one of the first celebrity cannabis entrepreneurs to invest in the rapidly growing market of CBD and THC.

    The 53 year old boxing legend is setting up a 400-acre plot, called the Tyson Ranch, near Desert Hot Springs, California that aims to redefine the term company headquarters. Tyson Holistic Holdings which he created in 2016 is the vehicle that he has entered the cannabis industry selling edibles and merchandise wants to knock-out the cannabis world by building a one of a kind cannabis hub that will combine entertainment, hospitality, education and research in one unified space. The ranch will boast the world’s longest lazy river, a hotel, a festival venue, research facilities and the Tyson University that will educate cannabis farmers on the current cannabis growing techniques.

    The fruit of this labour is a wide array of cannabis products that range from AAA indoor flowers with several hybrid, indica or sativa strains, hybrid concentrates, edibles currently in development and a new CBD infused beverage called DWiiNK. DWiiNK beverages are infused with 10mg of CBD and available in four flavors: Original (Unflavored), Pineapple Orange, Watermelon and Mixed Berry. Initially, it will be available at convenience stores in Los Angeles with plans to expand to the whole of the US within a year.

    What makes Mike Tyson ‘s cannabis products different? The quality which comes down to the “Tyson Ranch Difference” and encompasses the zero-tolerance policy that the founder has when it comes to the cannabis that he puts his name on. And of course his unique persona.

    California is the sixth state to legalise the recreational use of marijuana since January 1st 2018 and that move has resulted in a boost in employment and tax revenues. The State pulled in $345 million in 2018 but despite these astonishing numbers the expectations were not met due to several challenges as stated by the Orange County Register:

    • Issues surrounding the regulatory framework.
    • High state taxes burdening cannabis companies.
    • Municipalities’ widespread bans on MJ firms.
    • A thriving – and possibly expanding – illicit market that’s severely undercutting legal cannabis businesses.

    The date has not been announced yet for the opening of The Tyson Ranch but we’ll keep you updated when it open its doors so you can book your trip and enjoy a massive spliff while cruising down the longest lazy river in the world.

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