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  • August 23, 2019
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    So far, cannabis has come to develop a billion-dollar industry and for a good cause too. In today’s world, the use of Cannabis plants for so many products is nothing new as we have both medical use of marijuana, derived from the cannabis indica plant and CBD, derived from the cannabis sativa plant. Although we’ve heard about all this and much much more, you can help but wonder what exactly cannabis capsules are.
    Cannabis capsules are the latest addition to the medicinal world and expand the uses of the cannabis plant. There are used for a variety of purposes and hopefully, in the future, they can be used for so much more. As we all know, there’s a stigma associated with the consumption of cannabis through other methods such as smoking or vaporization. But with the cannabis capsule, all that is about to change.
    The producer of this drug determines just how much potency is present in one and they are usually gotten from a licensed producer. In the market today, producers are selling the decarboxylated cannabis, which can be used for a process known as hydrotherapy and oil-based capsules such as MedReleaf and Cannimed.
    Unlike other methods such as smoking or vaporization, ingested cannabis would affect you a whole lot differently. Patients who use these capsules and are trying out a new product are advised to take smaller doses until they are well accustomed to the differences of different product from the previously used before taking higher doses.
    It is usually best to start slow and go slow at first when cannabis capsules are involved. They are very similar to cannabis oil as they too vary in potency and producers you might be buying from maybe using a different level of potency in each pill, making it have varying strengths.
    One of the important precautions patients should take is to ensure to check if the product is CBD dominant, THC dominant or a mixture of both. They should also be very aware of the amount of cannabinoid found in individual capsules.

    Cannabis Capsules: DIY vs Getting From A Licensed Producer.

    Just as everything else, a lot of people are trying to make Cannabis capsules on their own and that usually doesn’t turn out the way they would imagine. One of the biggest problems of a DIY cannabis capsule is that you might not get a consistent amount of strengths and this can affect your doses as well as the effects. This why most health care practitioners advise investing in buying a product from a licensed producer. This is because licensed producers make sure to let you know the amount of strength in a cannabis capsule.
    Cannabis capsules tend to require dedication and proper calculations as well as sophisticated types of equipment in other to produce. They are also made to fit consumers just as they would prefer it to be. Some licensed producers produce cannabis oil vegan based hard shell capsules.
    Although there are testimonies of cannabis capsules as well as the fact they offer a smokeless and vapor less consumption for all cannabis consumers, both recreational users and medical patients, more research is being carried on this drug and what more it can do. It is, however, a great form of micro-dosing and enjoying the benefits that come with the cannabis plant.


    Cannabis has a lot of benefits both as CBD and marijuana and although more research is being done on how and why there is no doubt that the cannabis industry would keep growing. So why not try a cannabis capsule today? Make sure to consult your doctor before consumption.

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