SUM HEMPOWER – Plant Based Natural Hemp Protein Powder – 50% Protein, Raw, Vegan, Gluten & GMO Free – 500g

✅ 50% Plant Based Protein – Pure Natural Hemp Power
✅ 100% Vegan
✅ Raw


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HEMPOWER – Natural Hemp Protein Powder – 500g

100% pure premium quality hemp powder, naturally high in proteins and fibre. Nutritionally high-value food that should not be missing in any diet, especially in the diet of active people and athletes. No added sugar or sweeteners. Gluten and GMO free. 100% vegan.

Hemp seed is a remarkable plant source of high value complete proteins, containing all basic 20 amino acids (including all 8 essential). Naturally low carbohydrate hemp powder, but high in protein and dietary fibre, is produced from hemp seed by pressing out oil, then milling and sieving, all at low temperatures. This product does not contain any known allergens.

An excellent source of proteins not only for active people and athletes but also for people with certain food intolerance and allergies to other typical sources of proteins (e.g. food containing gluten, peanuts, soy milk or eggs) and for vegans and vegetarians.

Basic nutritious shake preparation for 1 adult: Simply mix 30g of powder (2 full tablespoons) with 200ml of water, juice or plant milk (best in a shaker), sweeten it with honey or any other natural sweetener to taste. You can also add cocoa powder, cinnamon…

Our Suggestion: Hemp protein powder HEMPOWER is an excellent base for fruit, vegetable or milk shakes and smoothies – mix a few spoons of powder with banana and other fruits or vegetables in a blender. It can be added to yoghurt, porridge, bread spread or cereals, also into a dough for an extra protein cake or bread.

Ingredients: 100% Natural hemp protein powder (raw)

Country of origin: Canada

Storage Instructions: Store in a dry place, keep out of direct sunlight or heat sources. Once opened, close the packaging well to prevent exposure to air and moisture.

Gluten free, suitable for celiacs, raw & 100% vegan. Not suitable for infants.
✅ 50% Plant Based Protein – Pure Natural Hemp Power
✅ 100% Vegan
✅ Raw
✅ Gluten and GMO Free
✅ Dairy Free

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