Quality HempProtein Manufactured in The UK to high Standards

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Contains approx 46g protein per 200g
Rich in omega 3
Hemp protein plus herbs


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Hemp protein powder blend:
This vegan protein powder blend contains hemp, as well as 15 other herbs and foods: acai berry, Acerola cherry, alfalfa, beetroot, blackcurrant, celery seed, chlorella, cinnamon, dandelion leaf, fenugreek, green tea, Montmorency cherry, parsley piert, spinach and spirulina.

Why opt for a single-ingredient hemp protein powder, when you can access all of these ingredients in one quick and easy formula?
Our hemp protein powder is a great source of complete plant protein (and therefore essential amino acids), providing 46.4g per 100g. It is also high in fibre (16.3g per 100g) and low in saturated fat (1.1g per 100g).

Protein contributes to a growth in muscle mass, the maintenance of muscle mass and the maintenance of normal bones.

Dairy-free and gluten-free. Easily digestible and no bloating!

High in protein
High in dietary fibre
No added sugar (contains naturally occurring sugars)
No artificial flavours or sweeteners
No Hexane
Rich in Omega 3


Mix 1 serving (4 heaped teaspoons) into water, fruit or vegetable juices, soya milk etc. Can also be added to yoghurt, cereal and soups.

Be adventurous! Blend with fruit and berries for that extra nutritional boost and natural sweetness any time of day.

This hemp protein powder can be used as part of a high protein vegan diet.

Ingredients (dried, powdered):
Hemp Protein (90%), Acai Berry, Acerola Cherry P.E. (25% Vitamin C), Alfalfa, Beetroot, Blackcurrant Extract, Celery Seed, Chlorella, Cinnamon, Dandelion Leaf Extract, Fenugreek, Green Tea Extract, Montmorency Cherry, Parsley Piert, Spinach, Spirulina.
Contains no: artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners, added sugar, dairy, soya, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), hexane

Contains approx 46g protein per 200g
Rich in omega 3
Hemp protein plus herbs
Essential amino acids
Suitable for vegans

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