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What Are Very Berry CBD Oil Drops? Our Very Berry CBD Oil Drops are a delicious way to enjoy the wellness-boosting benefits of CBD. Each serving contains 50mg of high-quality CBD oil, plus coconut-derived MCT oil for increased absorption. This lip-smacking tincture oil is topped off with natural fruit flavour that makes each and every drop a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Very Berry CBD Oil Drops are available in a 2000mg bottle, which contains 40 servings of CBD oil. Very Berry CBD Spray is also available in a 2000mg bottle, with six pumps per 50mg CBD serving. The Benefits of CBD Oil Drops CBD oil has a variety of health and wellness benefits, most of which stem from the interaction between CBD (and other cannabinoids) and the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is a cell-signaling system that assists the various organs and systems (most notably, the brain and nervous system) in maintaining homeostasis, or balance. This, in turn, helps the body to regulate such important functions as mood, sleep, memory, pain, immune, motor control, appetite, stress, and more. CBD and other cannabinoids, when consumed, act almost identically to the body’s own endocannabinoids, giving support to these various organs and systems. This provides a variety of wellness benefits throughout the body. CBD oil can have a pleasant calming effect, too. When taken in proper doses, CBD can be an effective morning health supplement, relaxing the mind and giving you greater focus as you start your day. People also take Very Berry CBD Oil Drops throughout the day to calm stress and ease the nerves. For our Very Berry CBD Oil Drops, we prefer to use CBD isolate rather than other forms of CBD. This filtered hemp oil is 99% pure CBD and allows the added natural flavouring to shine. The Benefits of MCT Oil MCT (or, medium-chain triglyceride) oil improves your body’s ability to absorb the CBD. With the inclusion of MCT oil as a carrier oil, you can enjoy a deeper (and faster) CBD experience with your Very Berry CBD Oil Drops. This is a natural, coconut-based oil, which is in line with our dedication to using natural ingredients as much as possible in all of our products. What’s a CBD Spray? Our Very Berry CBD Spray contains the exact same oil that’s in our Very Berry CBD Oil Drops, only with a handy pump spray on top of the bottle. That’s great for on-the-go consumption and, with juicy berry flavour, this spray is a delightful treat for the tongue. Wondering how many sprays it takes for one CBD serving? A good rule of thumb is, six spray pumps per 50mg CBD serving. Why Buy a CBD Tincture from CBDfx? The CBD oil used in all of our CBDfx products is extracted from hemp grown at our state-of-the-art US partner farms. We use no GMOs, pesticides, or other potentially dangerous chemicals in the growth and manufacture of our hemp plants. We use clean and safe oil extraction processes, so you won’t have to worry about solvent residues as you might find in cheaper CBD tinctures. You can confirm the purity and potency of our products by looking at the third-party lab report we provide for every product we sell. We want you to be assured that when you buy a CBDfx CBD product, you’re getting the safest and most effective CBD product on the market in the UK.

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