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What is CBD oil? Cannabidiol (CBD) is sourced from industrial hemp, a strain of the Cannabis sativa L. plant that is bred specifically for nutritional purposes. Unlike extracts taken from the marijuana strain of cannabis plants, CBD contains only trace levels of THC and has no psychoactive or addictive effects. We are fortunate to operate in a heavily regulated industry with no room for misleading promises. As a responsible company we cannot make health claims for CBD oil, but we do encourage you to research this ingredient for yourself. There are plenty of resources online explaining the current buzz around CBD, and our customers are talking about it on this Facebook CBD Support forum. Why is ours better? At 10.7 %, this ultra−strength formulation is our strongest dose of CBD Oil. Each 10ml bottle contains 1000 mg of cannabidiol oil. Such high strength oils can have a strong and unpleasant taste, but we’ve added a hint of peppermint to reduce any yucky taste. Healthspan’s CBD oil is batch tested to ensure purity. We extract our oil from EU hemp using non−toxic CO2 and our filter−clear method removes unwanted plant matter from the liquid. Who is this for? Experienced users of CBD who want an ultra−strength CBD oil without the yucky taste! It’s also a great and easy−to−use alternative to capsules – just drop under the tongue for fast absorption.

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