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    What Is Cannabis?

    Cannabis which is also known as marijuana by some people is a cannabinoid drug. It is a psychoactive drug derived from the cannabis plant, which is used either for recreational or medical purposes. There are so many components of cannabis, which include THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids.
    Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main psychoactive part of cannabis while Cannabidiol (CBD) is not psychoactive. Now, there are two main species of the cannabis plant, which is hemp and marijuana. Marijuana contains more of the psychoactive THC while hemp is non-psychoactive.

    How Is It Used?

    There are so many ways of using cannabis, which we will aim to cover in this article.

    It Can Be Taken By Inhalation

    This particular method is the fastest method of using cannabis. In fact, a lot of people prefer taking cannabis this way. This is because it moves directly from the lungs and into the bloodstream. This method of using cannabis is very effective. Research has shown that inhaling cannabis is the fastest way of getting it into the bloodstream.
    For those who take medical cannabis, which is CBD, using it through inhalation gives the same effect. Cannabidiol is the medical cannabis which is legal to take. This CBD is made from hemp which does not have psychoactive properties or intoxicating effects. This is exactly why so many people are taking medical cannabis.
    The inhalation method of using cannabis is just like using an inhaler for asthma. A 2007 research showed that if one takes cannabis through inhalation, the cannabis is likely to circulate the body within minutes, hours maximum. A benefit of using cannabis through inhalation is that there is likely to be less overconsumption and you know the right dose to take.
    Now, under inhalation, it is either you smoke the cannabis or you use a vaporizer. Smoking the cannabis involves burning the cannabis flowers and inhaling the released active components, while vaporization involves heating the flowers to a certain temperature in which all the active ingredients in the cannabis is released as vapor. It has been said that vaporization is the most efficient way to use cannabis through inhalation. It is also healthier than smoking because it does not irritate the lungs.

    It Can Be Taken Orally

    Cannabis can also be orally or through the mouth. This is through tinctures, oils, capsules or any other edibles. Research has been carried out, and people who take cannabis orally agree that they start feeling the effects within thirty minutes and up to an hour.
    Also, when ingesting cannabis orally, no component of the cannabis is lost as opposed to smoking and vaporization. People who take cannabis for medical purposes prefer taking it orally because according to them, the effects last longer. Cannabis has been proven to treat certain ailments in humans and consuming it in the form of oils and tinctures works best for them.
    A disadvantage of this is that it may be difficult to give the right dosage because of its increased time of effect.

    It Can Be Taken Sublingually

    Cannabidiol can be taken and made to circulate the bloodstream when it is put under the tongue and held in the mouth. The blood vessels in the mouth absorb the cannabinoids and take them to all parts of the body. The cannabis taken sublingually can either be in the form of sprays or tinctures. The time of its effect onset is almost similar to that of oral consumption, although some people claim it is faster.

    It Can Be Taken Topically

    Cannabis can be taken in the form of creams, rubs, balms, and salves. This means applying it directly to the skin for it to have its effects. This works well for people who are treating pain, inflammation and skin diseases.


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