A revolution is indeed happening now in the cannabis space. This movement has found representatives across the whole of business, political and of course artistic area. Dale Beaumont-Brown is one of these representatives and in 2016 he started off to document this revolution. Making use of the modern means of film making he successfully crowdsourced his initiative through kick starter and behold – Grassroots The Cannabis Revolution (Medical Documentary) was born.

    Winner of Best Feature Documentary 2016 in the Norwich Radical Film Festival which seeks to promote and support filmmakers locally, nationally, and internationally who produce works that are politically subversive and/or unique in form and that challenge the status quo.

    Medical marijuana is an issue that I don’t even think needs a debate. What are governments scared of? Why then are Valium and other prescription medications not measured by the same yard -stick? After society sees that the “Reefer Madness” days are long gone and that the “anti”-arguments are inane, maybe people can finally partake recreationally without being labelled as a “Beavis and Butthead” and not feel shamed to admit they smoke a joint now and then after work just as if one would enjoy a glass of wine.”

    Director of Programming Prof. Alexandra Nakelski

    The documentary is only available on Amazon so sign up for your Free 30-day trial and watch it now!

    Grassroots: The Cannabis Revolution (Medical Documentary) | Real Stories

    As the director describes it “GrassRoots was born out of a conversation on Facebook between myself (Dale Beaumont- Brown) and my cousin and main subject, Clark French. Clark and I hadn’t spoken in 12 years, but after he contacted me and explained more about his situation, intrigued I decided to pay him a visit and learn more. 

    Clark has Multiple Sclerosis, told me he consumes cannabis to alleviate his symptoms, he went on to describe how it benefitted his state of well-being and pain management. He called cannabis his medicine and explained it had replaced some 16 prescription medications!

    My interest in his story deepened when he told me of his recent TV, radio and print media appearances to campaign for the safe access to legal, medical cannabis. Almost immediately I wanted to tell his story.

    A fantastic documentary that provides an insight into the fight to make cannabis products legal for medical purposes. This film helps reduce the stigma associated with cannabis users and points to the medical benefits of CBD products. I did feel that the film would have benefited from views from those opposed to decriminalisation of cannabis as it does come across as a one sided argument. However I would still suggest watching this movie if you are not convinced by the legalisation movement.

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