You might be surprised to know that Reddit is the 6th visited website in the UK and one of the most visited websites online hitting an all time high of 1.7 billion visits in July 2019. As you can imagine CBD discussions would be impossible to be missing from the abundance of threads and here we will mention a few of them along with the invaluable stories from Redditors that share their experiences with CBD.


    Latest Posts r/CBD

    This channel with 88k members is a strong community that shares news, stories and product recommendations. It also has an excellent FAQ section with everything that you need to get started.

    Here are some interesting posts we’ve found.


    Latest Posts r/CBDOilReviews

    This thread has currently 66k members and the community’s mantra is:

    Our Values User First – We fight for the user! Confidence – So that you can make confident feel-good purchases Discovery – So that you can discover all the brands and buy the right CBD product for your needs Knowledge – To organize and educate on all things CBD usage & best practices Clarity – To set healthy expectations on results, cost, and quality Value Exchange – To be compensated for helping others make smart purchases

    The thread covers a variety of subjects ranging from product reviews, medical news, testimonials and advise, educational videos and more.

    Here are a few.


    A subreddit for all cannabis extracts – hash, oil, shatter, rosin, tincture, etc – and the people that enjoy them. It currently has 68k very active members that are focused on the wider effects of cannabis with an emphasis on THC and experimentation. Here are some innovative posts.


    Last but not least is this little subreddit doesn’t get very much love with only 175 members and 3 posts (one of them being an ad), however you can see right there in one of the three posts the beauty and directness of this amazing platform.

    An open and honest request for advise receives just the love that was needed with one person replying to it and finding the information that they needed. Not much research has been done on the field but a study from “Frontiers in Veterinary Science” was conducted to understand the clinical efficacy of Cannabidiol Treatment in Osteoarthiritic dogs. The study did show that 80% of the dogs demonstrated improvement in their pain and mobility. Nevertheless, cannabis products for pets are a great natural supplement for your loving companions. Find the best offers here.

    These are the subreddits that we came across and we thought were worth mentioning. If you have any threads that you would like to recommend please do so in the comments. We would love to include them.

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