• November 9, 2019
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    What could be better than kick starting the Christmas countdown with a daily routine that will sweeten and relax your festive mood than a CBD infused milk chocolate Cannabis Christmas advent calendar? James Ware had exactly the same thought and launched a crowdfunding campaign to get his product on the market, which unfortunately didn’t meet its goals.

    Cannabis Christmas advent calendar

    The aim was to raise £11,000 and the donations were starting from £25 which would get you 1 CBD Advent Calendar, all the way up to £202 for the Dream Team with 10 CBD Advent Calendars promising to make a December to remember. Cannabis Christmas advent calendars have loyal enthusiasts all around the world but mostly in Canada and the US where the legalisation of marijuana gives someone more gifting options like Concentrates, Edibles and Flowers making sure that your loved ones will be happily surprised.

    How to make a CBD Christmas advent Calendar?

    Another wonderful way to surprise even more your friends and family is to make it yourself! Follow the above guide to create a Homemade Advent Calendar out of toilet paper rolls and fill it with CBD infused edibles on great deals or other cannabis products. Check out also the Black Friday CBD Deals to find the best prices for your Christmas Calendar.

    In the past years there has been a significant rise of Advent Calendars in the UK with many brands offering amazing goodies from luxury chocolates to Lego Advent Calendars and of course Beauty Advent Calendars. These gifts offer a lovely alternative if you don’t want to be in the naughty list until Cannabis Christmas advent calendars become the new Christmas trend in the UK.

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